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Social Rehabilitation and Education of Childhood in Underprivileged Areas is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping the homeless and underserved youth population of Togo, West Africa and in the United States.   Its mission is to encourage the recuperation, education, training, and rehabilitation of vulnerable children around the world. There is an alarming number of youth in Togo who live on the streets due to the loss of parents and even the inability of parents to provide for their children.

Recognizing the needs that exist among its target population, Social Rehabilitation and Education of Childhood in Underprivileged Areas, Inc.’s staff operates a youth sponsorship program for the children of Togo. Throughout continuation of the proposed activities, the organization will address the needs of its target communities, brighten lives, and assist each participant to achieve their personal goals. The organization’s objectives are accomplished by implementation of stimulating activities and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus.

The organization plans to build a center of recuperation that will house 50 youth and provide them with proper meals, education, medical care, and vocational training. This will provide the youth with the stability needed to develop social and vocational skills that will enable them to be self-sufficient, productive adults.

The objectives of the organization include:

  • Promote agriculture and food safety
  • Protect deprived children
  • Promote environment protection
  • Fight vulgarization of health care
  • Contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the population
  • Promote revenue-generating activities
  • Fight against women discrimination
  • Encourage girls’ education
  • Reinforce sports, culture and art activities
  • Promote the new information and communication technologies

The organization depends on funding from its Board of Directors and private donations, which the Board plans to increase by beginning an advertising campaign consisting of ads on television and on the Internet. Its goal is to raise the money necessary to pay operating expenses of the center. Social Rehabilitation and Education of Childhood in Underprivileged Areas is seeking initial grant funding to build the complex. The complex will be the first of its kind in Togos and will assist the Togolese Government in its mission to reduce the number of homeless youth in the area.

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